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Bite sized event history:

The Australian Grand Prix at Albert Park was first held way back in the 1950s. After only a couple of races it was then moved and everyone forgot about the Albert Park racing circuit.

Enter Jeff Kennett, who wanted Melbourne to have every single event in the world (only a slight exaggeration); he took the race from Adelaide and the resurrected Albert Park track held its first race of the modern era in 1996. Highlights over the years include Jacques Villeneuve's amazing debut in 1996, Michael Schumacher's record four victories and who could forget our very own Jason Richards' sensational second place in the V8 support race in 2011?   


The Albert Park track is made up of public roads, encircling the lake that contains angry black swans (trust us). Fast, flowing, and picturesque, the track is also home to lycra clad joggers, some of whom are definitely not fast, flowing or picturesque. 


Catch the V8 supercars on track at these times:


Practice one: 1:30-2:00pm

Practice two: 4:10-4:40pm

Qualifying: 6:00-6:30pm


Race one: 11:05-11:30am

Race two: 2:25-3:00pm


Race three: 3:25-4:00pm


Race four: 1:20-1:50pm

Autograph sessions:

Catch Fabs here:

Sunday: 3:15pm-3:45pm at the autograph stage. 

Last time round:

Following a troubled first round at Clipsal, last year's Grand Prix showed the true pace of the new Lockwood Racing Car of the Future. Fabs finished the weekend first overall, in the process achieving his debut win behind the wheel of a V8 Supercar. A satisfying weekend indeed for Fabs as he explained at the time:

"I take away massive confidence after this round. To finally beat all these guys on the same day is awesome for my confidence," he said. 

This time round:

For Fabs, Clipsal was all about being cool, calm and collecting points. After two fifths and a fourth, our man left Adelaide 2nd in the championship with 230 points, 51 behind series leader Craig Lowndes. This weekend, Fabs wants to focus on qualifying - a strength last year but strangely not at Clipsal, starting outside the top 10 for each of the three races. 

?We need to realise what?s going on, how come we couldn?t get a time out of the car," he said. 

?I just don?t feel like we generate the grip soon enough."

Plenty to get out of the support weekend then for Fabian Coulthard and the Lockwood Racing team but if he finds his 'qualifying mojo', the rest better look out! 

Published: 12 March 2014.

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