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The Facts

Phillip Island 400 – Day Two

Round 13 of the V8 Supercar Championship.

Format: Two ten minute qualifying sessions and two 100km races

Qualifying one: 11:50-12:00

Driver: Fabian Coulthard

Weather: Overcast, moderate winds, 16 degrees.

Position: 25th: *no time*

Fastest: Scott McLaughlin: 1:31.3935

Qualifying two: 12:10-12:20

Driver: Fabian Coulthard

Weather: Overcast, moderate winds, 16 degrees

Position: 25th: *no time*

Fastest: Jamie Whincup: 1:31.0578

Race One: 14:30-15:20

Driver: Fabian Coulthard

Weather: Overcast, moderate winds, 16 degrees

Position: 16th

Winner: Scott McLaughlin

Race Two: 16:35-17:25

Driver: Fabian Coulthard

Weather: Overcast, moderate winds, 16 degrees

Position: 16th

Winner: Jamie Whincup

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How it happened


It all went wrong for the Lockwood Racing Commodore on the out-lap of first qualifying. As Fabian warmed the tyres - weaving from side to side to generate heat - Shane Van Gisbergen took the opportunity to overtake. Unfortunately Coulthard didn’t see the Tekno Commodore and collected the car with his left front wheel. The damage to the Lockwood Commodore was substantial and benched Coulthard for both 10 minute qualifying sessions. Coulthard was docked 25 points for the incident.

Race One

From 25th - and last - position it was never going to be easy for Coulthard and the Lockwood Commodore, especially after the hasty repairs following the qualifying accident. As it was, Coulthard managed to squeeze his way past numerous cars despite difficult handling and finished the race in 16th position. The race was won by Scott McLaughlin in the Volvo.

Race Two

As in race one the Lockwood Racing Commodore started from 25th on the grid. Right from the start, Coulthard moved up the order with fast pace and clean overtaking. The Lockwood Commodore was handling better than it did in race one but as ever it’s hard to move up the order when starting so far back. Coulthard eventually finished 16th, passing 9 cars in the process for a total of 18 cars passed across two races – clearly highlighting the potential in the car. The race was won by Red Bull’s Jamie Whincup who wrapped up his record sixth V8 Supercar Championship with one round remaining.

Driver Quotes

Fabian Coulthard

On Qualifying Incident

“I was warming my tyres and came out to the left and back to the right – visibility isn’t great in these cars at the best of times – next thing I know, Shane’s spinning in front of me. You’re never going to set your fastest time at the start of the session. He was on warm up tyres as well, so he was coming in to pit anyway. I don’t really understand how or why it happened.”

Race One

“It’s so hard to pass here. Not many other people made up that many spots so I guess that’s a positive. We just have to make the car better so I can be in a better position to pass more cars. That’s critical from where we are on the grid.”

Race Two

“The car was better in that race. We improved it a fair bit from the first race to the second, it’d just be nice to have a chance to qualify this weekend. I think we’ve got the pace for the top 5 but it’s just too hard to pass when you start so far back. I’m impressed with the jump we made in handling from the first race to the second and if we can make a further jump again I think we’ll be somewhere in the hunt.”

Lockwood Racing co-owner Brad Jones (on the Van Gisbergen qualifying incident)

“I feel that the guy in the car behind has total vision of what’s going on. He knows that they’re all going to run around warming their tyres up so he needs to be patient. It’s a very long lap and they’ve only got 10 minutes so Shane’s trying to maximise his time as they all are in these short timed qualifying sessions. I disagree with the decision to only penalise Fabian. I felt it was a racing incident at best.

What happens next

Sunday, 16th November

Qualifying three: 13:00-13:20

Race three: 15:55-17:20

Championship positions


1. Jamie Whincup: 2974

2. Mark Winterbottom: 2513

3. Craig Lowndes: 2469

4.Shane Van Gisbergen: 2397

5. Fabian Coulthard: 2223


1. Red Bull Racing Australia: 5493

2. Ford Performance Racing: 4757

3. Holden Racing Team: 4175

4. Brad Jones Racing: 3886

5. Norton Hornets: 3437

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Published: 15 November 2014.

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