Qualified: 3rd – 1:21.8457

Pole Position: Chaz Mostert – 1:21.5486

Race 21 – 300kms / 102 Laps

Finished: 3rd

Winner: Chaz Mostert / Steve Owen



The duo of Tim Slade and Andre Heimgartner rose to the challenge today, tackling the streets of Surfers Paradise in the rain to stand on the podium and score themselves a couple of the famous Gold Coast 600 surfboards. The duo started in 3rd, and Andre has a great first stint, challenging the leaders and eventually taking their spots to claim the lead. Tim took over the reins and had over a 10 second lead on the following cars, but when he came into complete his final pit stop, a small error cost them a lot. When the air jacks hit an uneven spot in the pit lane, the team couldn’t fit the tyres in the usual 3-4 seconds. They found themselves back in 3rd position and even though Shane Van Gisbergen was trying to pressure them in the final laps, he couldn’t pass, and the guys drove on home to the podium. The team yet again proving they have the BIGGEST cheer in pit lane.



Tim “I had flashbacks of Queensland Raceway in those final few laps when Shane was trying to catch me there. I definitely didn’t want a repeat of that!”

“Hats off to Andre, he did a mega job driving the car today and all the boys in the crew gave us a really good car in the wet conditions today. I was sitting at home during the week not looking forward to driving in the wet, I think the last time it rained here was in the early 2000’s so there are not many of us here that have experience with that. I thought it would be a handful, but it was better than what I thought.”

“We had a drama in the pits with the air jack, it landed on an uneven part of the bitumen and it couldn’t get the rear left wheel off the ground properly, making it difficult to change and taking longer than usual for the boys.”

“We tuned the car up a little bit towards the end and hold off Shane. I’m happy with the result today and it’s great for the team that have come off the back of a few bad rounds.”


Andre “The Freightliner Racing Commodore was really good, I got a great lead and my main focus was not to do anything to ruin that. I wasn’t out to prove a point today, I was there to do a job and hand the car back to Sladey in the best position possible. I’m really happy with the result, it’s been an awesome day.”



Sunday 22nd October

9:45 – 10:05 – Qualifying

11:40 – 12:05 – Top Ten Shootout

14:25 - 16:50 – Race 22 – 300kms / 102 Laps



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Published: 21 October 2017.

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