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Practice Three

Position: 8th – 50.0508s

Fastest: Jamie Whincup – 50.7396


Qualifying Part One

Position: N/A – Qualified for Part Two

Qualifying Part Two

Position: 7th – Through to final session with top ten cars

Qualifying Part Three

Qualified: 8th – 50.9604s

Pole Position: Shane Van Gisbergen – 50.6381s


Race Seven – 120kms / 50 Laps

Finished: 7th

Winner: Jamie Whincup



Tim featured in the top ten again across all sessions today in the Freightliner Racing Commodore, making it through all the stages of the new elimination style qualifying format. The Freightliner Racing team opted to run with a later pit stop strategy today, so when Tim re-joined the group he was on fresher tyres and able to make a few moves through the order. He got as high as 7th and battled with championship leader Shane Van Gisbergen until the end.


Tim’s race result of 7th also boosted his points tally to put him in the top ten in the championship.



“We haven’t made any major inroads with the car, so we’re still in that battle of trying to find the smallest of changes to make us that fraction of a second quicker. It was disappointing not to get past Shane Van Gisbergen there in the end with fresher tyres but we didn’t have the speed in the right areas to get by.”

“It looks like team-mates Nick and Tim found a few improvements in turn, under brakes and have gained a bit more confidence with their cars. We’ll go through the data as a group tonight, find out what worked today and see if we can improve for the final day at Symmons Plains tomorrow.”



Sunday 8th April

9:55-10:15 – Practice Four

11:05-11:15 – Qualifying Part One

11:20-11:30 – Qualifying Part Two

11:35-11:45 – Qualifying Part Three

14:05-15:30 – Race Eight – 200kms / 84 Laps



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Published: 07 April 2018.

#14 Tim Slade

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