Practice One

Position – 12th – 56.1797

Fastest - Andre Heimgartner – 55.6825s

Practice Two

Position – 7th – 55.3189

Fastest – Scott McLaughlin – 54.8871



“The first set of practice tyres we had today were pretty bad, so we were almost a second off where we wanted to be. You’ve heard it a million times that the Perth track is harder on tyres than any other circuit, so everyone had to really persevere and work their way through their practice plans. We just tried to learn what we could and manage the tyres as best as possible. When we put new tyres on at the end of the first session the car felt good."

"Our times were good enough to put us into the combined top ten results, which sees the Freightliner Racing Commodore go straight into the second qualifying session tomorrow.”

“It’s nice that we go to qualifying two tomorrow but we’re still about 4 tenths off the pace, so it would be nice if we can bridge that gap a little bit. If we improve the areas we want, I think we should be able to take a bit out of that. The thing after today is everyone is aiming to move forward. Ultimately we want to make sure the Freightliner Racing Commodore is a good race car that will look after its tyres well.”



Saturday 5th May

10:00-10:20 – Practice Three

11:55-12:05 – Qualifying Part One

12:10-12:20 – Qualifying Part Two

12:25-12:35 – Qualifying Part Three

14:45-15:45 – Race 11 – 120kms/50 Laps

Sunday 6th May

9:15–9:35 – Practice Four

11:20-11:30 – Qualifying Part One

11:35-11:45 – Qualifying Part Two

11:50-12:00 – Qualifying Part Three

14:15-15:45 – Race 12 – 200kms/83 Laps



Sunday 6th May

10:00-10:15 – Autograph Session @ Merchandise Alley

Published: 04 May 2018.

#14 Tim Slade

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