Additional Drivers Practice – Ash Walsh

Position: 17th – 1:39.8046s

Fastest: David Russell – 1:38.0430s

Practice One

Position: 20th – 1:33.8082s

Fastest: Fabian Coulthard – 1:32.0341s

Practice Two

Position: 8th – 1:19.9812s

Fastest: Michael Caruso – 1:19.7105s



Saturday 19th May

10:30-11:15 – Practice Three

12:40-12:55 – Qualifying

15:50-17:00 – Race 13 – 120kms/40 Laps

Sunday 20th May

10:25-10:45 – Qualifying

13:45-15:35 – Race 14 – 200kms/67 Laps



Today marked the first of the additional driver only sessions for 2018, which saw Tim Slade’s co-driver Ash Walsh get his first taste of the ZB Commodore in cool, wet conditions.


The wet conditions continued for the main drivers first session, but cleared for the final practice session of the day. This is when teams pressed on and were able to get back to their usual times. Tim saw himself finish the final practice session in 8th. One final practice session is set for tomorrow morning, followed by qualifying and the first race of the weekend.



“It was really nice to be back behind the wheel of the Freightliner Racing Supercar today. It’s been a while sine I’ve been behind the wheel, my last race was the Bathurst 12 hour and looking back, the last time I raced in the Supercar was Sandown last year. I’ve definitely missed it.”

“I felt pretty comfortable in the car. I think we missed getting the right tyre pressures by just a little bit; they came on at the end of the session, but there wasn’t enough time to bank a better lap time that what we achieved.”

“The wet conditions aren’t ideal, it’s pretty easy to light it up and get the car sideways here; you just don’t get a good read on the car with no grip like that. It’ll be a different car again when you get to drive it in good conditions.”

“Whilst it was hard to get some good laps on the board and get a real feel for the car, overall it still feels like a Supercar to me, so I’m eager to do more laps already and get into the endurance races.”



Saturday 20th May

13:45-14:00 – Autograph Session @ Merchandise Alley

Published: 18 May 2018.

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