Practice Three

Position: 5th – 50.8856s

Fastest: Nick Percat – 50.6956s



Qualified: 7th

Pole Position: Mark Winterbottom


Race Seven (120kms / 50 Laps)

Finished: 7th

Winner: Scott McLaughlin



The knockout qualifying format was back on the agenda at Symmons Plains Raceway today, and with teams unable to change their cars between qualifying and the races, teams had to think ahead and prepare the cars ahead of qualifying for drivers, ensuring they could tackle both qualifying and the 120km race with the best possible race car.


This parc ferme rule is being trialled this weekend to see if it would provide teams with a new challenge and mix up the order, providing more entertainment for the fans.


Today’s shorter race was run from green flag to chequered, with no safety cars or incidents. Tim held strong in the Freightliner Racing Commodore, claiming 7th position and retaining 5th overall in the championship. With one longer race on the agenda tomorrow the Freightliner/Alliance team are excited to break into that top five tomorrow.



“I was pretty stoked with qualifying today. We sat 5th after the first practice session and with Nick a couple of tenths ahead in 1st, I knew we could get a little more out of it. My engineers Tom and Tony worked their magic and gave me a qualifying car that was pretty speedy. It was pretty cool to be able to come from that first qualifying session and end up inside the top ten with the Freightliner Racing Commodore.”


“There wasn’t a heap of action during today’s race. Simply put, I lost a spot at the start, made it up during the pit stop and I feel we had the speed to match those around us. We’ll see if we can improve it further overnight and do it all better again tomorrow.”



Sunday 7th April

9:25-9:55 – Practice Four

11:15-11:25 – Qualifying Part One

11:30-11:40 – Qualifying Part Two

11:45-11:55 – Qualifying Part Three

14:05-15:30 – Race Eight (200kms 84 Laps)


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Published: 06 April 2019.

#14 Tim Slade

Freightliner Racing

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