Practice One

Finished: 5th – 1m23.6770s

Fastest: Cam Waters – 1m21.6395s

Practice Two

Finished: 10th – 1m13.0537s

Fastest: Lee Holdsworth – 1m12.6772s



Saturday 6th July

9:55-10:25 – Practice Three

11:50-12:10 – Qualifying

15:10-16:45 – Race 17 – 200kms

Sunday 7th July

10:35-10:55 – Qualifying

12:20-12:45 – Top Ten Shootout

15:10-16:45 – Race 18 – 200kms 



It was a wet start to the Townsville 400 weekend, with rain hitting the track for the first time in Supercars history.


24 of the 26 cars went out for practice one, with the erebus duo of Reynolds and DePasquale electing not to run in the session at all. Cam Waters made a last minute run on slick tyres, finishing a couple of seconds ahead of the field, but still a slow time due to the wet conditions.


The second session was met with a brief patch of sunshine, and the rain held off for the drivers and teams to up the pace for the final practice session of the day. For Tim, the Freightliner Racing team were able to run through some of their wanted changes, but still have a few left to try out in tomorrows final practice session before they go qualifying. Two top ten finishes for the day is a solid start to the Townsville 400 weekend for Freightliner Racing.  



“It was a mixed day on track with the weather conditions. The first session was frustrating as it wasn’t fully wet or fully dry, it was in between where you couldn’t really learn anything on track. In saying that the Freightliner Racing Supercar in those conditions was quite good. We just don’t get to learn from it and take that into the next session.”


“The second practice session was dry; you never know how good the old tyres people are using given that its practice, so we’re not seeing the real order just yet as not everyone ran new tyres at the end. I think we’ve got something to work with, hopefully we can make some positive changes overnight, which improves the balance that bit more.”



Saturday 6th July

12:40-12:55 – Signing Session @ Merchandise Alley

Sunday 7th July

9:00-9:30 – Signing Session @ Team Garages

Published: 05 July 2019.

#14 Tim Slade

Freightliner Racing

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